Yak Ru is among the toughest stage races in the world. The five-stage race covers 240 Kilometers and ascends to an altitude of 5416 meters in just 5 cycling days. One rest day is scheduled at a high altitude location to acclimatize before crossing the Thorong-La- Pass.  After the competition ends at an altitude of 3700 meters, participants shall enjoy a two day group ride along the semi- desert like terrain of the legendary Mustang valley. This unique, world class touring opportunity is a bonus for the participants in the Yak Ru.

A dip in the hot spring after the competition may still be the highlight for those, who despite their best efforts, earn the tag of ‘DNF’. Yak Ru is an extreme mountain biking race that requires you to be prepared physically and mentally. You will be thrashed by extreme weather elements such as cold, rain, snow blizzards, heat, dust and everything this unforgiving environment can throw at you.

The altitude and terrain will test your wits to the max as you navigate the slippery icy tracks while carrying your bike in the darkness of the wee hours to cross the formidable Thorong-La-Pass at 5416 meters above sea level!

But it is not just downhill. After that your competition is as fierce as the climate as you face off against an elite group of riders!




Sonam Gurung, 61, brings experience, energy and wisdom to the field of racers. He took the vital role of being the sweep rider during Yak Ru 2014. This year he intends to compete in the race. We expect him to surprise many this year. He has been a multi-sports athlete all his life. A Karate Black belt also took part in national and international marathon races. Sonam has contributed greatly to development of MTB sports in Nepal.









Singapore born Wilson Low has been taking part in adventure races since 2000 and triathlon since 2006. His last year’s participation in Yak Ru Annapurna Challenge 2014 race was impressive. With previous Yak Ru experience and a year-long training under his belt, he is all set to dent some Nepali rider’s podium finish dream during Yak Ru Annapurna Challenge 2015.










Malaysia born Jie Hui is relatively new to endurance mountain biking. She has participated in couple of 24 hour adventure races. Yak Ru 2015 is her first crack at any high altitude XC race.











Aayman Tamang wants to represent Nepal as professional MTB rider in international competitions. He has been working hard to make that dream come true since 2009 by participating in various MTB races nationally and internationally. He is a technically skilled rider with ability to ride down anything on his path. Expect him to have plenty of stamina to climb the 5416 meters.










Energetic rider Narayan Gopal is participating in the Yak Ru race for the first time in 2015. He dedicates lot of his time training and gaining experience for this extreme high altitude race. Expect to see this determined rider give a good competition this year.



Dipak is another strong rider representing Nepal Army team in Yak Ru Annapurna Challenge 2015 race.  He represented Nepal Army in DVA Thalon 2014 and TAAN Challenge (Tri). He is looking forward to gaining some high altitude experience during Yak Ru 2015.










If anything is fast, furious and tall that would have to be Himal Tamata representing Nepal Army. This 23 year old rider also holds a Black belt in Karate . During Yak Ru 2014, he finished in 3rd position but hopes to break his previous record this time. Watch out for this guy in the upcoming Yak Ru Annapurna, 2015 race.



Captain Rajiv Chand is once again leading the Nepal Army’s Yak Ru race team and is looking forward to the 2015 race. He is no stranger to extreme sports in the adventure wing of Nepal Army. He finished at 4th position during Yak Ru 2014. Rajiv is proud for his team mates to be taking part in yet another international extreme MTB race right here in Nepal.




A pilot by profession, Jesper is not new to extreme adventures. He regularly takes part in triathlon events in the East Asia region where he currently resides. This will also be his first attempt running high altitude mountain biking race.




Rajkumar has tons of experiences riding the high altitudes in the Himalayas. This is another strong contender for Yak Ru 2015. Looking at his current training regime, he should do very well this year during  Yak Ru Annapurna Challenge 2015 race.









This 21 year old lad has impressive mountain biking records under his belt. He has achieved podium finish in many of the national races held in Nepal. This is his first attempt at Yak Ru and we expect him to do well to give good run for other riders.

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